LABOLOBO is a creative venue dedicated to creativity, interpersonal exchange and collective well being.

Our non-profit association promotes solidarity between all generations.


Through the MA Project, we organise meetings between generations based on artistic and playful activities, in retirement & care homes and schools of the same neighbourhood. For further details, please follow the link to the MA PROJECT.


Our goals :

  • Fight the elderly’s isolation;
  • Value their social role through transmission;
  • Strengthen all social ties;
  • and change our perception about ageing.
Giulia Sugranyes

Giulia is a contemporary dancer (graduated from PARTS, member of Rosas until 2007) She has a master’s degree in Interior Architecture and Plastic, Visual and Spatial Arts (Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels).

Steven Palmaers

As event manager and with 20 years’ experience in corporate events, Steven devotes his time, his energy and his expertise to several sociocultural projects with meaning and hope for change.

Kevin Deruyver

Social worker, educator in Brussels for the last 10 years, Kevin started out as a photographer on our events and is now running the Labolobo chess club and in charge of the Tuktuk Jette project.

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