TUK TUK Jette is a social urban mobility project dedicated to senior citizens in Brussels. A network of volunteers will provide a service of personalized transport with an electric tuktuk (rickshaw) offering :

  • an accessible way to socialize
  • a eco-friendly way to move in the city
  • a pleasant way to spend time together outdoors

Tuk Tuk Jette is more than just a bike : there are countless benefits, as much for the beneficiaries, the volunteers, their entourage and the public space. 

These exchanges provide well being to everyone! Everyone can contribute to break the elderly’s isolation and facilitate their movements.

See you on Sunday, December 16 2018 as of noon to discover the whole TUK TUK Jette adventure!

(free artistic workshops for all ages, surprises on wheels, snacks)


If you want to help us buy the Tuktuk, feel free to donate via out Growfunding page : https://www.growfunding.be/en/bxl/tuktukjette

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